The Bride was Beautiful. She sick. Cancer

Katie Kirkpatrick, 21, held off cancer to celebrate the happiest day of her life. Katie had chased cancer, once only to have it return-to clog her lungs and grab hold of her heart. Breathing was difficult now, she had to use oxygen. The pain in her back was so intense it broke through the morphine that was supposed to act as a shield. Her organs were shutting down but it would not stop her from marrying Nick Godwin, 23, who was in love with Katie since 11th grade.

Katie Kirkpatrick Godwin

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Katie Kirkpatrick Godwin wedding

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Five days later, Katie has died.

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  1. Ava Tunney says:

    :mrgreen: That , I is, I think… just what her death was about. That she was beauiful and she was a bride and she had cancer but she was not enough to please creator though she had done nothing. Harsh as it is to see, but that is how creator god father might of seen it. Now times are harsh are we better men and women for it? Yes, it is right. About the groom, it was very hard to him. One thinks of grief of losing a loved one but his suffer was worst than that. Hers was maybe pain and a now TRY in order to become somebody. His may be PAY even though he had done it. So, it is you..some one might be able to say to him, and take her away from him after cancer. So where is that at for anybody, anywho?

  2. YaGotta says:

    I hope she had a good life insurance policy and Nick got a little something. C’mon people. Yes it is sad. But there are much worse things going on in this world to the world to focus on two people with a hardon for each other. Cancer…..Not nearly as bad a war, famine and genocide.

  3. […] not stop her from marrying Nick Godwin, 23, who was in love with Katie since 11th grade. [Source: GreatBlogAbout] [Original found […]

  4. We only part to meet again,
    though mighty boundless waves may sever
    Rememberance often shall bring you near
    And you and I will go on forever
    And often at midnights silent hour,
    when brilliant planets guide the oceans
    Your name shall rise to Heavens highest star
    and mingle with my souls devotion…

    I envy you Nick. A lot of us will never even come close
    to what you have found.

  5. Mattzcat says:

    Same thing happened to me. Mine lasted 6 days. Hard to get married when the woman you love is running up a million dollars of medical bills. Health care in this country needs some fixing!

  6. rupa says:

    i can’t imagine the true love…………..but now i can understand what is love??
    god bless u ………………………………..

  7. Maynoush says:

    Love Is All

  8. dady says:

    The power of Love still is out there.

  9. Shirin says:

    Nick is realy an angel…

  10. amu says:

    its so sad …..i love someone ,but i think he in not made 4 me ….but i still doing love him …and i want a love like nick godwin…

  11. zohreh says:

    love conqure all !

  12. Ehsan says:

    Dear Katie

    I wish you an happiness life with Godwin.

  13. yas says:

    let dont tough love , cause its too big that much will made you exterminated…

  14. Eamdeddin says:

    Nick is a real lover, heal to you and your beautiful bride katei.

  15. Peyman Noroouzi says:

    The measure of love, is when you love without measure.

  16. Ali Marefat says:

    i don’t know what shall i say.. maybe the real love.. or..
    it was fantastic.. i love both of them i mean bride and groom..
    GOD bless her…

  17. This means love dose not need to any reson! god bless her housbond

  18. geekdemon says:

    aww, she won’t have to die if she smoke weed. it kill cancer

    it’s the chemo that kill her

    btw, this is very touchy pictures. it hit my heart

  19. coydeleon says:

    bittersweet I guess, being able to enjoy her happiest day despite the tragedy…

    As for the hubby, now that’s a REAL man

  20. Daisy says:

    What happened to Nick ??? He is the person we shuld know .How is he ? How does he feel

  21. Pradeep Nishantha says:

    Katie Kirkpatrick got married because she had her boyfriend till 11th grade. Might be Katie died without married if parents ruins their affair. So my beloved adults, please be mind again when you attend a war against love affair of teenagers. Some are true…

  22. Amit says:

    love is great. and moreover katie and nick are the greatest couple i have ever seen in my life. yes ! they ARE not WERE !!! there love is immortal !!!!

  23. Melody says:

    She will forever live in my heart!!

  24. ivy says:

    i love them both..i really admire nick,the way she loves katie…katie was a strong 21 y/o right now,but i praise and thanks God i dont have cancer,i will never have it,in Jesus name!everything happens for a is God’s will that Katie will die at a very young least God has given her 21 years here on earth,plus He did gave Nick in her life.

    Life is truly just a CHANCE given by God..

    I hope Katie enjoyed that CHANCE,with Him..

    Jesus loves us all…

  25. ANGELICA says:

    This is truely a touching story. Nick Godwin is in the Sheriff’s Dept. I am extremely honored to have read their story.

  26. chi says:

    They are unique. God is awesome. to Nick draw near to Jesus, accept Him as your Lord and Savior and He will comfort you. this is a lesson for all,TRUE LOVE IS ALL IN LIFE.

  27. ela says:

    wzruszajaca historia ……touching but sad story

  28. fernanda says:

    q this story shows the love is worth.
    That is everlasting love ..
    have much to learn from this story.

  29. Paige says:

    Omg…this is such a beautifule story. I really can’t beleive it:(

  30. gathoni says:

    God bless you Nick………….
    RIP Katie

  31. D. BVI says:

    Love is all you need. Because she lived and loved she’s immortal and therefore will never die… 🙂

  32. Ali says:

    indeed such a true love, I’d give my everything just to have such a happy moment in my life… it just made me cry, she died cuz of cancer but in happiness.. what everybody wishes to experience, and nick u made ur Beautiful bride happy in last moments of her life.. god bless u
    it also remind me of a movie in which girl had leukemia but boy married her and he knew that she’s alive for a short period of time.. but he showed her his true love

  33. LeeHaikan says:

    TRUE LOVE…..I Will Do Anything For Love like that…

  34. Onyango says:

    the hands of death are so cruel….they destroy and devastate even such beautiful and tender souls like Katie’s in a way so painful to imagine!…RIP Katie.

  35. mona says:

    the most beautiful love i’ve ever seen…..

  36. Kristen says:

    This has touched me in so many ways. It is amazing what Love can do, as well as the strength within.

    My mother just passed away from cancer two months ago after battling for over 10 years. After seeing such a wonderful strong warrior become weak and frail makes you realize how life is so fragile and EVERY moment needs to be cherished. I love you mommy!

    Katie is an inspiration to all of us, young and old. Its incredible to see the love she has for her husband and the will to strive to become better through the hard times. Nick is just amazing as well, to love someone unconditionally…that is what he shows us.

    Jesus gives us the strength. The Lord will never give us anything we cant handle, and sometimes we cant see the “whys” but with stories like these, it touches so many and can change so many lives.

    My thoughts, prayers, and love go out to Katie’s and Nick’s family. Thank you for sharing your story with so many around you!

  37. Luke Easter says:

    The Wedding of Katie Kirkpatrick & Nick Godwin

    Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new,
    But this something has ceremonially forever bonded these loving two,
    God created male & female, boyfriend-girlfriend, so that??s it you think?
    This wedded bliss of holy matrimony has a third party, an oxygen tank.

    Okay, is this some kind of Vegas show, a magic act, what??s the trick?
    Wish it was but it??s the sage of a terminally ill bride, Katie Kirkpatrick,
    There was a fourth party in this wedding a cancer disastrously mean,
    Pain, organs shutting down, Katie planned with the help of morphine.

    Constant chemotherapy treatments, who is that always by her side?
    Throughout it all no doubt tears flowed continuously from their eyes,
    She??s 21, he??s 23, his name is Nick, they were sweethearts as kids,
    Didn??t leave, didn??t blame, he supported her, yep, that??s what he did.

    Lapeer County Sheriff??s Deputy Nick Godwin already took one oath,
    And with his police duties no one would cite him for rocking the boat,
    After all, he??s young, handsome & eligible, they both know the deal,
    Several wedding dress alterations due to weight loss, this is for real.

    Yet, there is one thing that drives everyone who wants to be a cop,
    When they get on the trail of a suspect hell or high water can??t stop,
    So, Nick was all over Katie??s modus operandi like Sherlock Holmes,
    No way was he ever going to leave her to fight this criminal all-alone.

    Yes! January 15, 2005, the bride-to-be whose smile was contagious,
    Mr. Nick Godwin and Miss Katie Kirkpatrick soul mates for the ages,
    Happily they tied the knot, this union of compassionate best friends,
    Friends & family as one at Church of Christ in Hazel Park, Michigan.

    Only five days later, McLaren Regional Medical Center, it was done,
    Passed away, husband Nick said, ???such an inspiration to everyone,???
    Sweet as candy Katie, ???most beautiful angel??? left no one feeling blue,
    Oh! Now I understand what is going on, God has a sweet tooth too.

  38. emily says:

    So sad, and now her father has lost his fight to cancer also. Life is cruel……!

  39. Hira Gul says:


  40. nishka says:

    this is the saddest thing ive ever read
    if her family is reading this ,the only thing i can say is that im truly sorry
    nick godwind, you’re truly amazin to stand by your childhood love , but i guess thats what love does

    this story will inspire me forever to to great things for the world
    love is truly the only magic out there

  41. sofi says:

    i wish life was different,everybody deserve to be happy.espesially when you are 21 years old.i’m really sorry and i know how hard is to loose somebody from least my dad had already had his family…

  42. SweetMelody says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful, amazing stroy of strength, courage, love, humility, sadness, pain, and beauty. She was such a beautiful bride. Hats off to her husband Nick. My condolences to the family.

  43. Christos says:

    Let’s hope that they will meet each other in the paradise…

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