Stopped time – part 5

Stopped time - part 5 photos

Stopped time - part 5

Mouse and cat



I will miss




Under a wave

Evening ocean

Jump in sky

Jump from the plane

Smile of birds

Fiery breath

Jump from falls

Jump of a dog

Sun in hands

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50 Responses to Stopped time – part 5

  1. Aussiedez says:

    Magnificent photo’s , being in the right place at the right time,,,,

  2. DJ says:

    really great shots, all of them.

    a very nice collection indeed.

  3. ted hebbler says:

    the first pic,i cant believe it..i was sitting in the St.Thomas,Virgin Islands hospital where i worked and i witnessed it as it happened see this image is just awesome…a similar image was taken in the front page of the daily news but not as great as this one..fantastic!!!this huge waters spout happened ,i believe in 2001

  4. charity says:

    Great pics. I like the racing horse, makes me want to change progessions.

  5. gwen says:


  6. karen says:

    I love taking pics and i think these are just awesome. keep up the good work and keep them coming i have saved your page so i can come back again and look at your pics.

  7. Bill7Miller7 says:

    I often “look” but do not “see”. Exquisite photography, such as this, make me realize what wonderful things are happening all around me , that I do not see.

  8. tooth says:

    Simply. Amazing. The photos in this collection are so ridiculously good I’ve spent the last 20 minutes inspecting and analyzing each photo, as well as admiring each photo. As I said before, amazing skill, timing, and luck!

  9. daidynllyfr says:

    Really enjoyed the storm shot, cat & mouse & the flame thrower.

  10. Debbie says:

    How do I buy a print?????

  11. Hyrum says:

    The first and third one the most.

  12. […] Time Photos World. Photos. ? Stopped time – part 5 __________________ alison Photographer […]

  13. Les says:

    These are awesome photos – the kind of photos one would love to have taken

  14. brianna says:

    omg totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!! how do they do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to do it

  15. Carol Bottke says:

    Loved the photos. So beautiful!! Would love to see more.

  16. meghann says:

    For every beautiful image in this world I see makes me believe we can create change and peace for that I thank the photographers for sharing a bit of their found beauty

  17. Amanda says:

    I absolutely love the one of the guy “holding” the sun in his hands. all of these pictures are extraordinary. thumbs up!

  18. Mark says:

    Great phots, I truly enjoy them. Thanks for sharing.

  19. carol says:

    run mousie runnnnnnnn fast. very nice but I hope someone saved the mouse. He looked like a pet. The pictures are really awesome. No regrets.

  20. Anna says:

    Wow. (There isn’t any more to say.)

  21. Max says:

    Great pics. The jetski one was obviously messed with quite a bit (and cat and mouse probably too) but the rest are really great photos. The waterspouts are amazing and the sun in hands is awesome.

  22. Nicole says:

    They are awesome.
    Too early and only one coffee, so not much Input from my side yet 😉
    These shots are truly inspirational!

  23. Bryan says:

    They are all very good, (the cat and mouse is shopped though). The first has to be my favorite. The BVI are amazing.

  24. nudegayguy says:


  25. amber says:

    i liked the picture of the birds making a smiley face but they are all awesome.

  26. Yohay says:

    Great photos. I especially liked the parachuter in the air and the burning policeman.
    You got my stumble.

  27. meghan says:

    love the little girl and the army man legs.. dame i hate this war, but i know we have to be over there..

  28. Jurgen says:

    The cat and the mouse…. what a speedy moment! Cheers for sharing!

  29. irish-pau2x says:

    wow…those pictures are beautiful.

  30. faris says:

    the great pic in the world lol

  31. Manav says:

    Amazing pics….awesome !!!!!
    thumbs up!!!

  32. Web 97 says:

    I love the little girl with the soldier.
    Very cute 🙂

  33. John says:

    Really fantastic photos, especially of the horse.

  34. Angela says:

    I love the skydiver the best….the expression just captures it perfectly

  35. Ben says:

    A great selection of pictures I’ve never seen before; nice one!

  36. Abdul Rehman says:

    Can’t stop my spntaneous ‘Wow’. Great shots.

  37. yurinani says:

    a beautil jump!!!!!!!!! wow !!

  38. Matt says:

    Ok. So I may be the only one taking crazy pills, but work with me on this one. Look at the picture of the guy blowing the fireball (like we have all seen so many carnies do so many times). Does it, or does it not look like the part of the fire closest to his mouth is shaped like some sort of large cat, perhaps a tiger or a lion? To me it looks like he is looking a flaming leopard straight in the face.

    And oh yeah, what is the location for the first picture?

  39. vijayalaksmi says:

    Wonderful collection.

  40. mackenzie says:

    i like the photo of the dog jumping into the water and the photos i saw were so cooool and cute so if you read this i hope you sgree with my state mint if you don’t agree with me im ok with that and like i said the pictures are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Jean-Jacques says:

    So original, so many people have hidden talents,,,

  42. waldo sheboygan says:

    It’s hard to keep from suspecting a bit of photoshop.

  43. cathy says:

    great job on the photography.

  44. hanging09 says:

    its really amazing!!

  45. hesika says:

    All these fotos are great… The 12th and last one are just magic…

    Thank you so much for this awesome fotos!

  46. Kate says:

    As a rider, I really sympathize with the picture of the jumping (not racing) horse (you can tell he’s a show jumper because of the helmet and the solid green coat; probably for one of the South American countries). That rider got either a rather embarrassing tumble or a really rough landing!
    Good photos!

  47. Neil says:

    The smiling birds is an outstanding shot.

  48. Personal Trainer says:

    That Fireman picture is amazing. I wish the whole story was here to read, but sometimes it’s better off left to the imagination.

  49. Nijul says:

    I like the one of the policeman on fire. 🙂

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