Stopped time – part 4

Breathing fire


Who of whom?

Were reached


In space

Weapon in air

Basketball - jump




What is it?

Flight in water

Fly or jump?

Walks by air

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20 Responses to Stopped time – part 4

  1. Wow, those were great, but that last one beats them all.

    Amazing as how it looks like he’s walking on air.

    Thanks for sharing those.
    Thumbs up on StumbleUpon.

  2. Tanay Nandi says:

    Those are some cool pix mate…..
    second the guy above me….the last one beats them all!!!

  3. Derrich says:

    Love the dogs and dolphin…and the commercial airliner taking off in the sun. Cool pics.

  4. Keara Brewer says:

    these were all fantastic. i was actually thinking the ‘heart’ picture would have been better if it were two men or two women..less predictable. very good though, very good.

  5. Stewart says:

    Great shots! love the dolphin/dog one

  6. Mr_O says:

    I’m no pro, bro… but that last pic looks shopped.

  7. Caz says:

    Brilliant photos, and is the last one real?

  8. StumbleUpon fan says:

    Stumbleupon takes yo to such great sites!

  9. Gemini says:

    Outstanding photographs… Some are very innocent and some are very creative. Good work…

  10. dirk loubser says:

    really nice collection of photo’s keep them coming

  11. Cj B says:

    Wow, those are great! I really like the one with the guy and the bucket of water.

  12. Dangeresque says:

    I’m calling bluff on the last pic. Something with the edges of the bottom of the feet make it look totally P-Shopped. The other pics are awesome though!

  13. Missourimule says:

    Mr_O — I know it’s hard to believe, but I actually saw the guy – it’s real! GO StumbleUpon!

  14. Mary Gindling says:

    My favorite is Queen Elizabeth. Thanks for the great pictures!!

  15. butch haase says:

    Very nice work…thanks for the treat.

  16. Wolfan says:

    Loved these, the one of the girl playing roulette was perfect. It looks like that moment was captured very well.

  17. Photo-shopped says:

    the last one was for sure p-shopped!! no question!
    if it were real his r-foot would be the one stepping out and his left one would be straight.


    Hey smarty above me, he is jumping off the building. Hence his parachute and helmet. the photo is from a base jumping video watch it on youtube.

  19. *k-dub says:

    thisss is greattttttttttt.
    who eva took em get dey props.

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