Replica of Transformer’s Optimus Prime Peterbilt

This wonderful truck was sold on October, 22 on Ebay for 55,200 dollars

Replica of Transformer's Optimus Prime Peterbilt

Replica of Transformer's Optimus Prime Peterbilt photos


Wonderful truck

Type: Semi – Sleeper Conventional

Class: Class 8 (33,001 lbs. or more)

Transmission Speeds: 13 Speed Over Drive

Tire Size: 24.5

4 Responses to Replica of Transformer’s Optimus Prime Peterbilt

  1. Robert Munoz says:

    This is not a true replica of Optimus Prime. The truck here has a standup sleeper. This type of sleeper come with bunk beds. The one in the movie Transformers Had a standard 60 in sleeper. I know because I work at Paramount and they had the actual truck on display last week on the lot.
    The truck pictured here is probably nicer simply because the interior is custom. The actual truck used in the movie was pretty much stock on the inside.

  2. Mo says:

    We are looking for the truck parts from the transformers. Will you be able to help us?

  3. Chuck says:

    Hey there i own a custom computer building company and this trucks paint job has given me inspiration when i get the right supply’s sorted im putting this paint job on a Compaq computer … i will come back and list links to pictures when i am done THANKS
    Chuck’s Computers in NY

  4. logan russell says:

    I really love the inside of semi trucks, do you know anybody who is a designer and would they be willing to help me with my passion of semitrucks?

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