Let’s recollect that time

The first computers and we young

First computer 1


First_computer- first laptop?

First_computer- big discette

First_computer- first mouse




First_computer- christmas

First_computer- student


4 Responses to Let’s recollect that time

  1. Let??ôs recollect that time…

    Liked what you just read here ? Vote for it on Blogmemes ! The first computers and we young. Photos of seventieth – eightieth years…

  2. muy bunas las fotos y sobre todo muy educativas

  3. Wow, as a it professional I really love looking at stuff related to the history of computers. It makes me appreciate just how lucky we are with the computers of today.

  4. gena says:

    Really love looking at the computers of the past. It is funny because years ago my fatherwho was a purchasing agent for years always said that someday computers will take over. Yeah… We are seeing this now. How true his words were.

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