Ethiopia. Tribe Murzi

Ethiopia. Tribe Murzi


Ethiopia. Tribe Murzi photos

Africa. Tribe Murzi

Africa. Tribe Murzi photo


35 Responses to Ethiopia. Tribe Murzi

  1. a l e x b says:

    holy shit

  2. Sandy L. says:

    ummm…how do they eat?

  3. ash says:


  4. Marta I. says:

    How do they mahe kisses????

  5. Hiwot says:

    Ethiopia has many different cultures and lately people have been posting things that look wired and bad. we all have different cultures so the things you say are weird is natural to them and the things you call normal is weird to them. sooo please dont judge them based on things you see on tv and pictures. dont think or do things you dont want people to do to you

  6. cheese says:

    Yuck! talk about serious religion!

  7. cal says:

    talk about giving someone a thick lip…

  8. *k-dub says:

    wow, dat’s veryyyy weird.
    it look kool doe ina way but i’d neva eva do it.

  9. Woo says:

    THAT’S HOTT!!!!

  10. Fellia says:

    god bless those people!! this is horrible!!!

  11. Emily Burka says:

    this is scary!!

  12. mimi says:

    oh my god

  13. Andy G says:

    this is terrible! i know that it is tradition but this takes away the opportunity to explore the world if one wants to because they will find it difficult to live with people from other countries that are considered normal. too much attention will scare them. on the other hand it is good that they still follow their culture because it carries their true identity.

  14. Just One says:

    Andy and others, what do you consider “normal,” why do you assume that attention will scare these people or that they wish to “explore the world” in the same way you do? Or that they would meet with the same reaction everywhere as they do from you? All cultures decorate and accessorize, all differently, and this is what we see in these photographs: how this tribe decorates the human body. There are cultures, in fact, whose ways are more extravagant than these. The purpose of photography like this, I believe, is to let you admire the art of it and to gain cultural knowledge – and if not, to navigate away. Welcome to the global village.

  15. Twix says:

    im all for people having their own culture and their own choices but omgosh thats jus really scary

  16. Getachew says:

    It is terribble in fact for those who do not have an access to have alook at such peoples. But this is atrue history of our country Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the home for the beauty of human race and its origin, however this beauty is only due to the prevalence of many ethnic groups with its own identites and cultural background. No matter how this type of culture reflects how backward we are, we mustnt be ashamed of it because it is true and will be true always! This peoples are really alot away from the present advancement of the world in general and Ethiopia in particular. But the recent generation must take the responsibility of educating such and other groups with similar situation to help them out of such shameful habit.

  17. FlyingNinza says:

    dude…on that last pic you can see through the hole in the doodad and see his chest, it looks like he doesnt have a lower lip…

  18. samrawit says:

    I’m proud in my countrey and my culture .
    I see one dud yesterday in my work place priced his ears like the murzi. Don’t think this in Ethiopia though but far far away from our beloved Ethiopia. Do you think his backward too?

  19. kenzi D says:

    wow thats so wierd! my niece kari (not like cary underwood. kari! like how u drive in a car, just ad the sound E after it.) was born and addopted from ethiopia and she even thinks thats weird. lol but its religion nd i respect that. my niece came here once and i had my lip pierced (just a little hoop, nothing dramatic) and she thought that was creepy so i guess to them its noraml. lol that would HURT! how do they possibly eat?!

  20. trish says:

    I am so sorry for the ones who believe this is weird of gross. This is THEIR culture.
    My friend was in the Peace Corps during the ’60’s in Africa. She had white blond hair to her waist. She ended up working with a tribe that the women weave their long hair into a basket on top of their head to carry various items. After my friend had been there for some time, they thought surely her long hair was useful for something. They braided her hair into a basket, and it promptly fell down all around her head. They said (rough translation here), “Sister, your hair is beautiful, but it’s no damned good!”
    Other places everyone wanted to touch her hair as they had never seen a white, blond haired person before.
    As weird as you think these people are, just remember if you are not accepting to others, how do you think we will save the planet as a whole……remember, we are on the other side of this star ship!!

  21. Kendal says:

    It’s a shame to read all the criticisms about an Ethiopian WTF people, thoe world is made up of unique people, with different ways of expressing their beauty

  22. hanna says:

    this is just rele scary. me and my mom were both looking at these pix, and were disgusted.. why wud these ppl even WANT TO inflict pain on themselves?

  23. happo says:

    its not about expressing beauty. they make their women ugly on purpose so the rival tribes won’t bother to steal them. thats all.

  24. Sabrina says:


    Consider the pain all species inflict on themselves in the daily choices and decisions we make. Same difference.


  25. Bethlehem says:

    You said that so nicely, I had to comment on this page. You are a very kind person and like you said “As weird as you think these people are, just remember if you are not accepting to others, how do you think we will save the planet as a whole??¦??¦remember, we are on the other side of this star ship!!” I honestly think this is so true. Well said and thank you for being such a respectful person.

  26. Claire says:

    I think their culture is awesome and the colours and patterns they have are amazing but that lip thing must be unbelievebly painful!

  27. speakers says:

    ooooooooooooooooooof what this

  28. larch says:

    they would rather feel pain than nothing at all!!!

  29. Danielle says:

    I actually really like these pictures. They are a little intense, but they display some beautiful culture and extremely different styles. 🙂

  30. What in the says:

    It bores me to no end that people are always blathering about “their culture, it’s their culture,” and dribbling on about “acceptance.”

    Obviously these politically correct cunts have been rendered unawares that not all CULTURE is a stones throw away from acceptable.

    In some cultures, it is permissible to treat women akin to a dog, or a piece of scrap meat left over from a meal. Some cultures find it acceptable to behead women for speaking her mind, or force young females to have their genitals literally and brutally mauled in torturous female circumcisions meant to stave any pleasure in adult intercourse, or prevent intercourse all together.

    Such brutal and vile acts against women and nature make me question how damned MUCH people will excuse under the vile pretenses of “CULTURE”. In fact, it used to be American CULTURE to own slaves, and not allow women the rights to vote, own property, or rights to their children. If the rest of the world is progressing against vile acts, TIME FOR EVERYONE ELSE TO AS WELL.

    I am accepting to “cultural” things that treat people as equals, and of course does not mar the body, especially for young children who know not the harm they inflict upon themselves.

    AS you can assume, I garner no CULTURAL GOOD from stretching ones lip out to the size of a grapefruit.

  31. maijiddah says:

    is good to know different people,different characters and many things in this world,love one another let stay in peace not peaces.

  32. abrhatsbha says:

    It is not a matter of backwardness or not.It is a matter of identity,culture,thought. who said that western culture is modern our culture is backward?It is sure that western people got the appotunity to spread their culture and their thought before us.

  33. Jordan S. says:

    HOW DO THEY EAT????????

  34. Alaynesh says:

    Ethiopia Have more than 55 Nation and Nationalities including this,this Country Have also so many coultures,and all peoples express their coulters by their Language,Coulteral Foods and Specialy by their wearing Stayles,means with thier Jewlery,Cloths.And thats why they express their Beutines and Cultuer by their Jewllerys

  35. sandeep says:

    i think what is the use in carrying a DVD always in the mouth …. cant understand …..

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