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Cube Effect Review – 4 Desktops Rotation for Windows

Cube effect WindowsThis is an amazing effect for dudes that “Alt Tab” a lot and never have the necessary space for work. From what i remember(correct me if I’m wrong) this effect was first created on Linux. For some time now, windows users have this trick available too and today i will review this application created by Chris, called Yod’m 3D.

What it can do ?
It’s called a virtual desktop manager that can transform your desktop in a large cube, manageable by holding down a combination of 2-4 keys, depending how you set it.
Didn’t encounter any bugs yet, therefore i think is pretty well made, of course on other systems it may react different.

First time i installed it, i was having in mind that it will not be a big deal, just a cool effect, but as time passed i was getting more and more excited, as i saw that you can move from desktop to desktop a window or program(if not maximized) for example like this:
1. Click on a window/program window and hold
2. Press and keep the activation keys pressed (default CTRL+SHIFT)(you can now release the left mouse click on the window)
3. Use the left-right keys(do not release activation keys) to swap desktops and then release the activation keys on the desktop you want the window to be.

The thing that i loved most and made me a fan of this soft is the fact that it doesn’t eat to much memory, in full use of my laptop? it eats only 20,444K which it’s less then Firefox. Cube effect Windows 2

The switch between desktops as you probably intuited above it’s done by holding the activation keys pressed(Default:SHIFT+CTRL) and pushing the Right or Left keys to swap in the direction you want.

When you press the activation key you can set from the options menu the level of zoom you want, for example in the moment of activation it can zoom in, creating a small cube or don’t zoom at all, just changing to another desktop, maximized.

From my point of view this is the best software on the market when it comes to “the cube effect” and most important it’s free. Yod’m 3D can be directly downloaded by pressing the following link: Download Yod’m 3D. Almost forgot, on the original page, the? server is overloaded very often due to large number of downloads so i hosted myself the software because mine never fails(it’s the link above). This is Crhys’s page: